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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is the Moorpark AYSO soccer season?
The primary AYSO playing season is in the fall from the last Saturday in August through the middle of November.

How do I register?
All registration is done online. We do have 2-3 walk-in registration events that take place throughout the registration period.

What is the registration fee used for?
Registration fees are used for players’ national fees, insurance, uniforms, field rental, equipment (corner flags, referee flags, referee uniforms, goals, nets, etc.), end of season medals, player development through trainers, and other needs of the region and players.  None of the region board members, coaches, referees, or other volunteers receive payment for their time.

What equipment does my child need?
Shin guards and socks covering the shin guards are mandatory during all practices and games.  
Soccer Cleats 
Soccer ball
Water bottle (optional)

What size soccer ball does my child need?
5U - 8U - Size 3 ball
10U & 12U - Size 4 ball
14U & above - Size 5 ball

What other expenses will there be?
Players need shin guards, soccer cleats, and a ball. Additional expenses may include a donation to cover the expenses of a team banner, a gift for the coaches, and occasional team snacks.

Who will be my child's coach?
AYSO teams are coached by volunteers from the community, most of them parents with children in the program. Coaches are required to complete coach training, safety training, background checks and Livescan fingerprints.

What if my child wants to play for a certain coach or be with their best friend?
In order to ensure teams are balanced and fair, we cannot allow players to request specific coaches, coaches to request specific players, or players to request friends. The only exception is that coaches can coach their own kids of course.

My child is timid and smaller than kids their age. Can they "play down" with younger kids?
No, they cannot. In order to ensure the safety of the younger division, players may not play down. Being with their own division will help them grow as a player. 

Where will games and practices held?

All games and practices are held at Arroyo Vista Park.

How often are practices held?
The younger divisions may choose to practice once a week. U5 practices before their game on Saturday. Older divisions U10 and up will practice twice a week.

Can I bring my dog to games and practices?
For the safety of our children, dogs are not allowed during practice and games.  If you bring your dog to a game or practice, you will be asked to take your dog away.

How early before a game should players arrive?
Most coaches want their players to arrive 30 minutes before a game to warm up and get checked in by the referee.

Can players wear earrings?
No, under no circumstances can players (girls or boys) wear earrings during practices or games. It is a major safety hazard. If a young girl has just had her ears pierced and cannot take out her studs, she must sit out the game. Taping over earrings is not acceptable.

Can players wear medical alert bracelets?
Yes, but they must be secured with tape except for the alert medal so that nothing can get caught.

Can girls wear hair clips?
Metal and plastic hair clips are not allowed on the field for practice or during a game. Players with long hair may wish to wear soft hair ties such as "Scrunchies". The referee shall decide if an article of clothing is unsafe.

Can my child play wearing a cast or splint?
No, for two reasons. The first is that if a doctor says that the cast or splint is still required for healing then the player should not risk additional injury. The second reason is that casts and splints are dangerous for other players. Soft support wraps are allowed if the referee deems them to be safe.

Why do teams need sponsors?
All teams are asked to provide at least one sponsor per season.  Sponsors enable the region to provide help for players in financial need and keep the registration fees reasonable for parents.

Who will call me about my child's team and how do I know when we will practice?
If you have not volunteered to coach, you will be contacted by your child's coach. Coaches receive their rosters at the beginning to middle of August depending on if the division the child is in has acquired all their coaches. Coaches then must be completely certified in all their requirements to receive their rosters and will then contact the players on the team.

I see other teams practicing and I haven't been called.  What do I do?
Please do not panic if you see other teams practicing and your child has not been called. Remember that all our coaches are volunteers. It’s possible that your child’s coach is on vacation or is working on fulfilling all their certifications. Also, not all teams begin practice at the same time. The very young teams do not always begin practice on the same date as other teams. If you have not been contacted by the Monday before the first game, email [email protected].

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