SOCCER for our youngest players!!

"AYSO PLAYGROUND"- Designed especially for 4 & 5 year olds.

                       Players must not be 5yrs old before August 1,2016 & must be 4yrs old on/before December 31, 2016

Sessions are on 8 Saturday's between August 27,2016 and October 29,2016.
There are no weekday practices.
Each player needs a parent or adult helper…. But, don’t worry you’ll have fun!
NOTE: PLEASE BE ADVISED-This is not your ordinary SOCCER Saturday!

AYSO PLAYGROUND is a Parent/Child participation program. The object of this program is to help develop, in collaboration with parents, the child’s fundamental motor skills and to introduce basic soccer skills. 

Having you participate with us provides a role model for your child and allows them the one on one attention they need while they are trying to master “new” feats…..We will help you every step of the way.

Many activities do not look like traditional soccer: developing basic skills like, balancing, hopping, throwing, jumping and so on play a valuable role in the long-term development of soccer skills. In order to keep your players attention we move quickly from one activity (game) to the next….This is another reason we need 1:1 parents/adult participation.

Players will learn the following skills:

In addition, your child will:

  • Respecting opponents (Good Sportsmanship)
  • Dribbling, Shooting, & Scoring
  • Stop the other team from scoring
  • Following a few basic rules of the game
    • Kickoff's
    • Ball in & out of play
    • STOP when you hear the whistle.
    • Throw-in's
  • Develop his/her own style of handling the ball
  • Learn how to move in a variety of situations
  • Improve his/her coordination-mobility, agility, reaction speed.
  • Work together as a team toward a common goal
  • Learn to deal with both victory and defeat
  • Have FUN playing the game of soccer

Each week with the help of a Master Coach and the Parents (or other adult), the players will learn a new skill and
get to play games related to the weekly skill.  After a quick break, the players will show you what they've learned when they get to play a small sided game of soccer. You will be amazed at the difference between week 1 and week 8!!

 Typical Session Schedule will be:

5-10 minutes- Group Skill – Both teams, Players & Parent (or Adult) will participate together.
20 minutes- Team Training Activities and Games- Parent participation.
5-10 minutes- Team organizing and water break - Each team will divide into 2 smaller teams and play in two separate matches.
20-25 minutes- 3 v 3 Game- During the game, Coach and Asst. Coach or a parent from each team will act as the game supervisors, their job is to keep the game going, cheer positively and refrain from "coaching" (giving directions). This is the time for the kids to play – LET THEM PLAY!

If you would like to play, please go to and register with Moorpark Region 363, before June 30, 2016.


Moorpark AYSO

Region 363PO Box 241Moorpark CA 93020 
Phone : 805-529-7666
Email :
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