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Date HomeTeam AwayTeam Start Time End Time Location Name Field Name
08/27/2016U05B04U05B06 8:15AM 9:00AMArroyo VistaField 21
08/27/2016U05B07U05B0110:15AM 11:00AMArroyo VistaField 21
08/27/2016U05B02U05B0312:15PM 1:00PMArroyo VistaField 21
08/27/2016U05B05U05B-Girls Bye Team 1:15PM 2:00PMArroyo VistaField 22b
09/10/2016U05B03U05B04 8:15AM 9:00AMArroyo VistaField 21
09/10/2016U05B01U05B02 9:45AM 10:30AMArroyo VistaField 21
09/10/2016U05B05U05B0711:15AM 12:00PMArroyo VistaField 21
09/10/2016U05B-Girls Bye TeamU05B0612:00PM 12:45PMArroyo VistaField 22b
09/17/2016U05B04U05B01 8:15AM 9:00AMArroyo VistaField 21
09/17/2016U05B02U05B05 9:45AM 10:30AMArroyo VistaField 21
09/17/2016U05B06U05B0311:15AM 12:00PMArroyo VistaField 21
09/17/2016U05B07U05B-Girls Bye Team12:00PM 12:45PMArroyo VistaField 22b
09/24/2016U05B05U05B04 8:15AM 9:00AMArroyo VistaField 21
09/24/2016U05B01U05B06 9:45AM 10:30AMArroyo VistaField 21
09/24/2016U05B07U05B0211:15AM 12:00PMArroyo VistaField 21
09/24/2016U05B-Girls Bye TeamU05B0312:00PM 12:45PMArroyo VistaField 22b
10/01/2016U05B04U05B07 8:15AM 9:00AMArroyo VistaField 21
10/01/2016U05B06U05B05 9:45AM 10:30AMArroyo VistaField 21
10/01/2016U05B03U05B0111:15AM 12:00PMArroyo VistaField 21
10/01/2016U05B02U05B-Girls Bye Team12:00PM 12:45PMArroyo VistaField 22b
10/15/2016U05B07U05B06 8:15AM 9:00AMArroyo VistaField 21
10/15/2016U05B05U05B03 9:45AM 10:30AMArroyo VistaField 21
10/15/2016U05B02U05B0411:15AM 12:00PMArroyo VistaField 21
10/15/2016U05B-Girls Bye TeamU05B0112:00PM 12:45PMArroyo VistaField 22b
10/22/2016U05B02U05B03 8:15AM 9:00AMArroyo VistaField 21
10/22/2016U05B07U05B01 9:45AM 10:30AMArroyo VistaField 21
10/22/2016U05B04U05B0611:15AM 12:00PMArroyo VistaField 21
10/22/2016U05B-Girls Bye TeamU05B0512:00PM 12:45PMArroyo VistaField 22b
10/29/2016U05B01U05B05 8:15AM 9:00AMArroyo VistaField 21
10/29/2016U05B06U05B02 9:45AM 10:30AMArroyo VistaField 21
10/29/2016U05B03U05B0711:15AM 12:00PMArroyo VistaField 21
10/29/2016U05B-Girls Bye TeamU05B0412:00PM 12:45PMArroyo VistaField 22b

Note: Highlighted Team(s) belong to Divisions expired before specified Match Date.


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